Crazy Diamond

A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Crazy Diamond
Saturday 7th September 7:30pm
Tickets £25

Crazy Diamond plays and pays tribute to the music of Pink Floyd.

The band’s approach to Floyd’s music, faithfully honours and admires the band they cover. However, they are not afraid of interpreting with their own flavour, the music they love. 

With their current show, ‘WISH YOU WERE HERE’, the eight-piece band provide a two hours plus set, showcasing Floyd’s seminal/homonymous album ‘Wish You Were Here’. 

This show includes other classics and fan treats such as ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ and ’Echoes’.

John Evans of the Royal Shakespeare Company said:
“Their ability to recreate the sounds and atmosphere is second to none.
One thing is for certain, pigs might not quite fly but you’re in for a great gig (pardon the pun)”.

Beats Board Banter: “Make sure you check them out. You will be impressed.'