All Clear - Postponed until 2021

SubGrey Theatre company presents
All Clear - Postponed until 2021
Friday 1st January
Friday 1st January 12:30am
This has been postponed until 2021, dates TBA.


A SubGrey Theatre Company production

Set in a possible near future, there has been an attack.
Nobody knows how or why the attack took place.
There is no TV, no power, no communications.
Just a strange orange fog surrounding everything.

The Delaney family are trapped in their home along with an unexpected appearance of someone from their distant past.
Relationships were already strained before the sirens started, so how will they now cope with this potential Armageddon?
Why has this stranger suddenly turned up? 
Is it a coincidence, or is there a more sinister motive?
What is in the strange orange fog that encircles the Delaney home and keeps them trapped inside?

All they can do is try to keep it together and wait for the “All Clear”.  

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Not Suitable for under 16's
Contains strong language and scenes some may find upsetting.

This show was originally scheduled for 6th & 7th November 2020